Tokyo Caravan in Akita


The seeds of new creation developed in the workshops will flower on stage at Dome Theater, Akita Furusato Village. What will be created? What will appear? Don't miss this "live" experience of rare and wonderful performances unique to Tokyo Caravan!


Saturday, February 16, 2019
Sunday, February 17, 2019
*To go ahead rain or shine/canceled in the event of stormy weather

Dome Theater, Akita Furusato Village
(62-46 Tomigasawa, Akasaka-aza, Yokote City, Akita )

Participating artists
Hideki Noda
Charan-Po-Rantan (artist)
"Tokyo Caravan" Ensemble
The Akita City Kanto Society
Oga no Namahage
Umewaka Asano the Second
Yamaga Tourou Dance

Advance application required, to be decided by lottery if oversubscribed (capacity of around 500 persons per day)
*A few seats will be available on the day. Details will be posted on our website at a later date.

How to apply

Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Akita Prefecture, Yokote City

With the cooperation of
Kumamoto Prefectural Theater



Hideki Noda

Playwright, director and actor born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1955. He serves as artistic director of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, and lectures at Tama Art University. While he was still a student at The University of Tokyo, Noda founded Yume no Yuminsha theater company. After the troupe disbanded in 1992 he went to London to study. After returning to Japan he set up NODA MAP, and released one production after another going straight to heart of modern social issues and values: Kill, Oil, The Bee, Egg, Footprint Princess, his kabuki version of In the forest, under cherries in full bloom, One Green Bottle, and more. Noda is acclaimed at home and abroad for his creative activities overseas, and his work in kabuki and opera. From 2015 onwards he has overseen the nationwide rollout of "Tokyo Caravan," a "cultural circus" based on the idea that culture is generated where people's paths cross. Noda's project has found a large and appreciative audience for its creation and presentation of unique performances by a diverse collection of likeminded creators, and its "mingling" of cultures. In the forest, under cherries in full bloom is being staged from October through November 2018 in Tokyo, France, Osaka and Kitakyushu. Noda's energetic creative activities transcend artistic genres and national borders.

Akita Prefectural Government

Since holding "National Cultural Festival Akita 2014," Akita's exploration of culture has continued. Akita boasts many cultural resources, including "Akita Kanto" and "Oga Namahage." We're getting excited about the kind of cultural movements that will come about, and the new journeys that will begin with these resources through Tokyo Caravan and the “cultural mingling" of encounters with Mr. Noda and various artists. We hope it will be an initiative that boosts the cultural power of Akita after 2020, not to mention a valuable experience for the artists from Akita who take part. We hope you enjoy the magic and energy of Tokyo Caravan held in wintertime Akita.

How to apply

Please send a reply-paid postcard to Akita Prefecture Cultural Affairs Division including the necessary information as set out below.

Destination address (first half)
Akita Prefecture Cultural Affairs Division, 3-1-1 Sanno, Akita City 010-8572
Items to include (on first half)
1) Applicant's name, postal code, address, telephone number, gender and age, name of accompanying person (one person permitted)
2) Desired viewing date (February 16 or 17)
*Same program on both days
*You are unable to change your allotted seat. Please state on the postcard if you are a wheelchair user.
Return address (return half)
Applicant's address, name (Please do not write anything other than the name and return address on the return half of the post card)


●This event will be conducted in Japanese.

●Application is limited to one date per postcard. Application is possible once per person.

●Applicants cannot apply for both days, and cannot apply multiple times for the same day. Applicants to be decided by lottery if oversubscribed.

●Applicants will be notified of results by reply-paid postcard in early February. Successful applicants should bring their postcards on the day.

●Successful applications cannot be transferred or resold. Please bring identification as we may check your identity at the time of entry.

●Any personal information you provide will not be used for purposes other than in relation to this event.

Application deadline
Applications must be arrived by Friday, January 25, 2019.

Contact regarding application
Akita Prefecture Cultural Affairs Division
TEL: 018-860-1530 (weekdays 9:00 — 17:00, Available only in Japanese)

For those residing outside of Japan, please contact the below.

(Japanese/English support available)

To bring Tokyo Caravan in Akita to a wider audience, the event will be carried live on the official website.